At Fischer Meyerhans Architects, we are a small and dynamic team. We enjoy designing and realizing your projects – regardless of size and complexity. The challenge of creating something that satisfies our customers’ needs and balancing it with time and cost constraints, this is our satisfaction! Every project we take on board is overseen by at least one of our key team members to ensure we deliver the quality we pride ourselves to deliver.

Our lean office structure allows flexibility and efficiency beyond the usual. We also embrace collaborations with other offices and have built our network of long-lasting relationships with a variety of companies – ranging from specialized design boutiques to full-fledged, 250-staff service enterprises as well as engineering offices, financial advisers and legal practices. This allows us to form tailor-made teams for any project that lies outside our capacities.

We engage in and form various types of project structures to provide the services our clients are looking for. This can take the dimension of establishing a design-and-build entity which provides a cost and time guarantee as done for the renovation of the main assembly hall for the European Headquarters of the United Nations, a project for which we were invited by the Ministry of Presidential Affairs of the UAE. A well-structured design-to-budget approach paired with transparent management structure was key to this set-up.